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Local organic groceries, brunch, and more

Sunday Mornings to your door

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Everything in Red Bread’s seasonal organic and completely locally sourced eGrocer + exclusive Red Bread Sunday Brunch & Dinner Menus arrive on your doorstep Sunday mornings guaranteed by 10am.

Our Fruit & Vegetable Showcases offer only our favorite produce from California farmers we know and trust. Fresh organic and local produce, sourdough breads, organic baked goods, house made preserves and pickles, popsicles, raw dairy, grass fed meats, prepared brunch and prepared dinners to the doors of Westside homes Sunday morning by 10 a.m.

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Order a week’s worth of Red Bread groceries from any of your devices in just a couple of minutes. Each week you receive our seasonal a la carte Market Menu exclusive to MGT in your email. Just check a few boxes, leave us a note if you need to, and you’re finished. No checkout. No login. No passwords. After your delivery is made you receive an itemized receipt in your email.

Red Bread requests a minimum $55 for delivery service. Orders must be in by 9am Friday morning. Deliveries may occasionally differ slightly from your order due to seasonality and market availability. Substitutions are made at the discretion of The Breadheads.

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The Breadheads make their doorstep deliveries in electric buses. Deliveries come in 100% recyclable boxes.

Each box is prepared for its home and with its family in mind. Leave your last box outside your door with any other reusable packaging and we’ll take the little fellow back to Oz. When you subscribe a $5.00 box deposit is placed.

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Red Bread uses industry leader Chargify for all Credit Card data. Red Bread NEVER holds your Credit Card information. Chargify is a PCI Service Provider Level 1 which means they are audited each year by a PCI-certified Qualified Security Assessor to ensure that they have established and maintain the appropriate security practices.

Map of Delivery Zone

Magical Grocery Tour delivers to Venice, Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey, N. of Montana, and Mar Vista. To find out if you're in our delivery zone, please enter your information. You will be redirected to a secure Chargify sign up portal if your address is in our current range!